S.No Date Activities Conducted At Details of Activities
1 22/02/2010 Man & Environment Programme Dokiparru We distributed saplings to the villagers
2 23/02/2010 Clean and Green Programme Dokiparru Road Cleaning and Temples Cleaning
3 24/02/2010 Medical Camp Dokiparru For school Children
4 26/02/2010 Parents Meeting carrer guidance Dokiparru For 10th class student parents
5 27/02/2010 Games & Sports Dokiparru For high school Children we organized  Games & Sports
6 21/01/2011 Information act awareness & Health awareness programme Kavirajunagar & Chandrala We given awareness on Information act  to the villagers
7 22/01/2011 Medical Checkup Angaluru For womens
8 23/01/2011 fire accidents  Demo class Angaluru We given instructions about  fire accidents to the Villagers & Students
9 24/01/2011 Meditation and carrer guidance programme Angaluru For High School Students and TTC Students
10 25/01/2011 Clean and Green Programme Angaluru Road Cleaning and Temples Cleaning
11 25/01/2011 Motivation Class Angaluru School children
12 26/01/2011 Republic Day Celebration Angaluru School children
13 28/01/2012 Inauguration of special Camp & Rally Vadlamannadu For villagers
14 29/01/2012 Signature Camping & old age home visit Vadlamannadu & Dokiparru For illiterate villagers
15 30/01/2012 Meditation and Yoga Programme Vadlamannadu For Students and un employed youth
16 31/01/2012 Clean and green programme Vadlamannadu Schools and Medical Hospital grounds