To be a leading institution of engineering education and research, preparing students for leadership in their fields in a caring and challenging learning environment.


  • To produce quality engineers by providing state-of-the-art engineering education.
  • To attract and retain knowledgeable, creative, motivated and highly skilled individuals whose leadership and contributions uphold the college tenets of education, creativity, research and responsible public service.
  • To develop faculty and resources to impart and disseminate knowledge and information to students and also to society that will enhance educational level, which in turn, will contribute to social and economic betterment of society.
  • To provide an environment that values and encourages knowledge acquisition and academic freedom, making this a preferred institution for knowledge seekers.
  • To provide quality assurance.
  • To partner and collaborate with industry, government, and R&D institutes to develop new knowledge and sustainable technologies and serve as an engine for facilitating the nation’s economic development.
  • To impart personality development skills to students that will help them to succeed and lead.
  • To instil in students the attitude, values and vision that will prepare them to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility.
  • To promote a campus environment that welcomes and makes students of all races, cultures and civilizations feel at home.
  • Putting students face to face with industrial, governmental and societal challenges.


  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our academic endeavours.
  • We adhere to high standards of integrity, honesty and ethics in our pursuits.
  • We nurture creativity and talent.
  • We Provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion.
  • We serve the society.