DISA... a way forward, a career building programme for I B.Tech students is organized on behalf of GEC Alumni Association every year. This programme was started on 22nd November 2008 with the purpose of guiding the first B.Tech students through all the four years of their study in this college and for the betterment of their careers.

The following points are highlighted in DISA Programme:

  1. The budding steps an engineering student needs to take during four years of his/her study.
  2. The expectations of the industry from an engineering graduate and how an engineer should adapt to changing industry expectations.
  3. The various career options available for engineers in the light of present economy and educational system.
Year wise Reports
S.No. Details Action
1 DISA Programme Report 2019 View PDF
2 DISA Programme Report 2018 View PDF
3 DISA Programme Report 2016 View PDF
4 DISA Programme Report 2015 View PDF
5 DISA Programme Report 2014 View PDF